Paint Videos, etc. DVD, production notes, track listing, and purchase links

(Independent, 2011 / PVEDVD11)

Track listing:

1. Strangers (music video)
2. Don't Blow Me Away (music video)
3. A Gentle Art (music video)
4. Madonna (music video)
5. "A Day in the Life" (pt. 1)
6. "A Day in the Life" (pt. 2)
7. "A Day in the Life" (pt. 3)
8. "A Day in the Life" (pt. 4)
9. "A Day in the Life" (pt. 5)
10. "A Day in the Life" (pt. 6)

Directed and edited by Robb Johannes
Photographed by Rachel LaGroix and Bipasha Choudhury

"Don't Blow Me Away" and "A Gentle Art"
Directed, photographed, and edited by Tyler Cardy

Directed by Ashley Hallihan
Photographed and edited by Jacob Madigan
Concept by Robb Johannes and Rachel LaGroix

"A Day in the Life" (pts. 1-6)
Photographed and edited by Tyler Cardy

Copyright 2011 Paint (SOCAN/ASCAP/BMI)

* This title is no longer available.