Paint, Danger!! Canadian Content - Live at The Supermarket, Toronto, August 28, 2014

Paint at The Supermarket, Toronto, August 28, 2014

by The Moose
October 6, 2014

On the night I tweeted ‘Class is permanent, Paint are Class" and I doubt I've ever made a truer statement. With a new tour about to start, a new bass player to show off, new soundtrack music to debut and new stage props, they could be excused if they had been a little preoccupied, but they never missed a beat and fully delivered to an appreciative audience.

Opening with a sense of the dramatic, Robb Johannes walked on stage as the introduction to 'The Feast' was playing and immediately demonstrated the sort of enigmatic stage craft that is sadly lacking in many bands today. The combination of Robb's gyrating movement on stage with Jordan Shepherdson's guitar and effects board provide a visual and aural assault of the senses.

That said, the platform that Devin Jannetta on drums and Keiko Gutierrez on bass provided was truly solid throughout. 'When She's Gone' was followed by 'Moral of the Story,' from the forthcoming movie soundtrack and 'Take it Or Leave It.' described by Robb as a long story, 'Bonfire of Vanities' was next followed by a very danceable 'Strangers'/'A Stitch in Time,' an energetic ‘Goodbye to a Friend’ and a break up song 'It's Over (and Over),' which left the set to close with 'Shattered Hearts.'

The tour over the coming weeks will be greeted back here in at the Cameron House in Toronto in early October for a concert filming and live album taping, we'll be there!

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