Paint Can You Hear Me? album reviewby Matt Hartwick of Kingston Music Reviews

Paint: Can You Hear Me?

by Matt Hartwick
April 25, 2010

Indie Rockers begs to ask the question with their new album Can You Hear Me?

Paint rolls out their new album with the ever abounding familiar Indie Rock/Pop sound that can be found coming out of Toronto and Montreal. Their sound blends in with many different bands but there seems to be nothing that really sets the album out above anybody else, but if this is the sound that you like Can You Hear Me? is right up your alley. The album is comprised of really well thought out lyrics which address social occurrences and problems within society, but they are so well written that you may overlook the full meaning of the lyrics.

The album consists of eight tracks with the opening track being my favourite song off the album. “Don’t Blow Me Away” kicks off the album with a mixed sound of distortion and Indie rock. What creates the favouritism within the song for me is the heavier sounding guitar chords and tempo during the break between one of the verses. I would like to learn the meaning behind the lyrics in the song however, after listening to the song countless times, I have concurred a few possible meanings behind the lyrics. Here is a snippet of the lyrics.

We are always.
Fighting for something
That is ours
Pacing cages pacing

“Strangers” intros with a pop/rock infused hook. The female backing vocals which appear throughout the song adds a little bit of character to the song. Throughout the song there are a couple more catchy hooks which will grab your attention. Just as I mentioned in the first song it is the lyrics that really takes my attention to the song and encourages myself to listen to the song more than once in an attempt to find the meaning. The simple guitar rhythm which is played throughout a couple of the verses really delivers your attention to the lyrics. The transitions between the verses and the chorus are played out really well.

The opening riff of “Jenny and Maurice” is a riff which every fan of 90’s alternative will recognize. The riff is the backbone of the song as it is played in smaller variations throughout the song. I just can’t bring myself to ruin the surprise of the resemblance but man if you like 90’s alternative you will enjoy this song. I am pegging this song as my second favourite song on the album. You can have a clip listen to the song by visiting their

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