Paint Show Preview - Napanee Beaver, September 4, 2014

Paint at The Waterfront River Pub, Napanee, September 6, 2012

by Ashley Espinoza
September 4, 2012

Energetic rock band, Paint, will be performing in Greater Napanee for its first time this weekend thanks to a local fan that requested the band play here.

Robb Johannes, founder and vocals for Paint, said Greater Napanee resident Sarah Boomhour asked Paint to perform in her hometown. As a result, the show will take place this Saturday at the Waterfront River Pub and Terrace between 6 and 10 p.m.

"We had a fan, a really serious fan in Napanee, named Sarah, who had always followed us and write to us on Facebook. She saw us in Kingston and asked when we'd be coming to Napanee, so she actually told us about some of the venues there and that's how we set it up, so it was kind of a fan request that we come and play in Napanee. We'll go out of our way to look after people that like our band because they've done so much for us and they're kind of part of our journey," explained Johannes.

Johannes said performing in small towns isn't something the band is unfamiliar with -- he said they prioritize smaller towns and cities. Doing so allows them to connect better with their fans, he explained.

"We like to go to cities that most bands won't bother to play in. A lot of bands will just focus on the major markets and I think that's a little elitist and a little exclusionary -- the assumption, 'we don't have to go to Brantford because everyone can just come to Toronto to see us.' We've found that the towns under-visited by bands tend to be really appreciative of the fact that bands bother to show up," said Johannes.

The same goes for their show when visiting small towns. Johannes said it doesn't matter if they are performing in a huge stadium or arena or a small-town bar they put all their energy into their live show for whoever, or however many, are watching.

"We'd like to create a stadium rock experience in a small club because that's what we play," he said. "In Napanee we're playing three sets and usually we just play one set so we'll get to dig into our back catalogue and play a few songs we haven't played for a while."

Paint writes all of its own music. The band is made up of Johannes on vocals, Jordan Shepherdson on guitar, Devin Jannetta on drums and Keiko Gutierrez on bass. Johannes said Paint finds inspiration from a number of outlets.

"Life is the number one inspiration and as life happens and pulls you in different directions, it sort of changes your perspective on things or how you respond to things," he said. "Let's take something challenging, and difficult, and make it something beautiful."

Paint is known for its energetic live performances and strives to be a band one won't forget.

"We always wanted to create a sound that was larger than life. We're really into bands that have this massive, massive sound that you just couldn't ignore and the live show is very powerful. It's not just about going to see music, it's about being part of something bigger than yourself," said Johannes.

"This day and age, you can't wait to be a successful band to present yourself like you are one. You kind of have to be it and let people catch up to you."

Paint will be performing in Napanee this Saturday evening. For more information on Paint, visit the band's website:

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