Paint Where We Are Today concert review, March 28, 2012 at Maxwell's Music House, Waterloo, by Tiffany Machado of Velvet Rope Magazine

Paint at Maxwell's Music House, March 28, 2012

by Craig Dubecki
April 2012 (Volume 1, Issue 15)

What a surprise I had when Paint took the stage. I had read about them in the previous week's NightLife. While the main reason I had attended this event was to see Matt Weidinger and his band LumberJunk, Patrick Finch had written a fine article about their current life and for that reason I was expecting it to be packed, especially with their new release, Where We Are Today.

Being the first time seeing them, I acknowledged from their very first song, that Paint is a well-tuned...tight band. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

Robb Johannes, the frontman for the band, delivered a dynamic performance complete with the precision of a mature and seasoned band. It's hard to believe this Toronto band formed in only 2009!

Robb's three band mates provide all that is needed with great chemistry between bass, guitar and drums. Maxwell's has very good acoustics, which was greatly appreciated especially during a couple of their songs where Paint's drummer started getting into it with room shaking beats. It got mighty loud in there but at no time was the sound muddled. Nik Odermatt on bass provided a perfect bottom for every song. Nathan Da Silva on guitarist was perfect for the style they play. As I was listening to the songs, I realized this is truly a team band. No one in particular shines on his own but they all shine as the collective. That means good chemistry.

I'm not sure how to categorize Paintís style, which, is a good thing as they can be themselves then. There is a mix of pop, rock, soul, for sure funk and even a bit of Motown. This all made for a very entertaining and fun set and the future is all theirs for the taking.

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