Paint Can You Hear Me? album review by Youthink Magazine

5 stars: Wonderfully balanced rock album is hard to ignore.

by Erika Stark
October 6, 2009

Itís in your face, but not overpowering, melodic but still harsh, well-crafted but not over-perfected. Thatís not so bad, for one song. How about soft yet not mushy, desperate but not emo, and heartbreaking yet uplifting? Thatís only the first two tracks on Paintís new album. The Canadian rockers keep their listeners on their toes as Can You Hear Me? shifts from heavy guitar lines to slow, heartfelt ballads. Despite varied rhythms and subject matter, an underlying sense of sonic maturity and strong lyrical insight remains firmly embedded in every song. Can You Hear Me? is well-developed and layered, yet manages to retain the attractive simplicity of a great rock album.

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