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Featured Reviews

Top act to see at TWiMFeST 2015.
- The Examiner, October 27, 2015

Intellectual Toronto rockers Paint are the ultimate do-it-yourself band. "The new music is the truest expression of what this band is, and how music can bring people together." -- interview with Robb Johannes
- Nadia Elkharadly, Addicted Magazine, October 2, 2014 (read full text)

"Survival is a big topic we write about: survival, adversity and how much hope the human will has to come out on top and still be beautiful" -- interview with Robb Johannes
- Susan Doolan, Barrie Examiner, September 17, 2014 (read full text)

"The last five years for Paint have really been about trying to be as great as we were when we first started (which Iím proud to say we are now), so celebrating the fact that weíre still a band and that our first record is still exciting to listen to is a pretty special thing" -- interview with Robb Johannes
- Care Finch, 570 News, September 12, 2014 (read full text)

From the school of U2/Nirvana with lush bits of Psychedelic Furs, Pulp and Suede-like Brit Pop, Paint's music palette is infectious. Rife with striking jangling guitars, melodious riffs, and pounding bass, the band's solid soundscape serves as the consummate backdrop for Johannes' impassioned intelligent vocals.
- Coral Andrews, Waterloo Record, September 11, 2014 (read full text)

Paint will be performing in Greater Napanee for its first time this weekend thanks to a local fan that requested the band play here... "It's not just about going to see music, it's about being part of something bigger than yourself," said Johannes.
- Ashley Espinoza, Napanee Beaver, September 4, 2014 (read full text)

A creative force within the highly-competitive Canadian music scene... intelligent, well-crafted, melodic alternative rock (with) a healthy dollop of 1980s arena rock for good measure... truly a refreshing change from the formulaic, uninspired melange that currently dominates the airwaves these days, and demonstrates that they are creative artists who are always striving to be true to themselves and unafraid of letting its musical roots show.
- Jim Barber, Greater Napanee News, September 3, 2014 (read full text)

When the band isn't on tour or shooting some of the city's best music videos, they can be found on stage with one of the most dynamite and energetic live shows Toronto has to offer.
- Dan Wolovick, Two Way Monologues, March 18, 2014

Working their magic on Toronto's music scene through strong, slow and steady musicianship, Paint have established themselves as one of the city's great classic rock inspired bands.
- Amy Weinstein, Syncopated Sound, November 7, 2012

Rockstars and entertainers with a sincere change-the-world-with-heart attitude.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, September 26, 2012

One of the best bands in Toronto.
- Andrew Horan, Hanging at the Back, September 25, 2012

The band has a sound one doesn't soon forget, especially after seeing this quartet live.
- David Marskell, The Indie Machine, June 13, 2012

Paint likes to keep things classic... musicians are meant to be more than smply entertainers.
- Lauren Baron, Brant News, March 27, 2012 (read full text)

Their tireless work ethic and strict professionalism has set them apart from legions of bands who would love to be in their position.
- Patrick Finch, The Waterloo Record, March 22, 2012 (read full text)

Combining UK-flavoured pop-jangle with an indie-rock swagger, this is an ode to hook-driven gems with splashes of exuberant energy, soaring melodies, and a star-crossed retro spirit.
- The Lonely Vagabond, January 21, 2011

I think you're gonna hear a lot more from this band.
- Dave Burgess, K106.3 FM, September 3, 2010

An almost perfect blend of classic-rock crunch and contemporary-rock smarts.
- Jason Schneider, The Waterloo Record, June 9, 2010 (read full text)

Picture perfect.
- Raina Douris, 102.1 The Edge, April 6, 2010

In a world where too many bands are 'too cool' to write danceable hooks, Paint is ice-f*$king-cold because they do... Paint have hit an easy medium between order and chaos, 'the marriage of heaven and hell' as William Blake would say. Paint is a very tight combo that play with reckless abandon. Paint somehow manages to combine the mathematical structure of Rush with the melodic anarchy of Sonic Youth. The end result is a show that is not to be missed and an album that is more than worth your time.
- Baron S. Cameron, The Loudmouth Bear, December 17, 2009 (read full text)

Live Reviews

Paint @ Adelaide Hall, September 30, 2016 (disPLAY) album release
With the massive scale of U2 in mind... Paint have made their mark with a larger than life, be-your-own-hero mentality that is reflected in the lyrics and live sound that has rumbling undertones of classic Manchester from yesteryear.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, January 10, 2017 (read full text)

Paint @ The Supermarket, August 28, 2014 (Kensington Festival)
A visual and aural assault on the senses (with) the sort of enigmatic stage craft that is sadly lacking in many bands today.
- The Moose, Danger!!! Canadian Content, October 6, 2014 (read full text / view photos)

Paint @ The Bovine, March 20, 2014 (Queen Street Festival)
Paint are a band I'd heard good things about, but never seen, until tonight... Robb Johannes has declared that he will run for Mayor of Toronto against Rob Ford... a very tight band indeed. Influences include The Smiths amongst others, you could be forgiven for just watching Robb's vocals and Morriseyesque movement on stage all night, but Paint are the sum of all parts not just one... The band even found time to invite friends up on stage, which showed exactly how comfortable they felt on the night.
- The Moose, Danger!!! Canadian Content, April 3, 2014 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Bovine, March 20, 2014 (Queen Street Festival)
Paint's songs are highly-polished, smooth, and radio-friendly. While common in the 80s and 90s, their sound is unique these days. Frontman Johannes is running for Mayor of Toronto and we wish him well.
- Steve Mallinson, T-MAK World, April 3, 2014 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Bovine, March 20, 2014 (Queen Street Festival)
Great contenders for the title of "Best Live Act" in the city. Frontman Robb Johannes took the stage by storm.
- Angelo Marchini, Musica mas, March 28, 2014 (read full text)

Paint @ Magpie, June 16, 2013 (NxNE)
It was a hot and sticky rock 'n' roll steambath... old songs from Can You Hear Me? emerged again.... Where We Are Today is almost Where We Were Yesterday as additional tunes come in... The band that wants to change the world. That is Paint. With a female bass player. There is a rock god out there.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, June 18, 2013 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Horseshoe Tavern, March 2, 2013
What never changes however is the high-powered energy that exudes from the frontman. (Robb Johannes) has undergone his fair share of trials and tribulations and the sense of jubilant strength comes through in their music. Always singing with such feeling, Johannes has added some extra flair to his stage performance.
- Chiara DiAngelo, Buying Shots for Bands, March 12, 2013 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ C'est What?, November 13, 2012
Paint is a compelling original band... Singer Robb Johannes at times evokes (R.E.M.'s) Michael Stipe... He has an easy charisma and confident swagger. Their songs are a modern melodic pop filled with clean guitar licks. The band played some new songs on Tuesday that will win over the band's ever growing fan base.
- Steve Mallinson, T-MAK World, November 17, 2012 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ C'est What?, November 6, 2012
Paint is still the star of the night. And they may not realize the constant travel on the road has led to an easy confidence and given them a bit of that hippy hippy shake on stage. And we did mention moves like Jagger [but not in shades of maroon].
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, November 9, 2012 (read full text and view photos)

North by Northeast Highlights: Thirteen shows we loved
Singer/guitarist Robb Johannes, whose enthusiasm on stage is infectious, leads this hardworking Toronto pop-rock band. With production values that evoke Phil Spector's "wall of sound," the band's records feature Oasis-like guitars mixed with pop melodies and loads of fun. Prepare to clap along.
- Kenyon Wallace, The Toronto Star, June 19, 2012 (read full text)

Paint @ Rancho Relaxo (NXNE), June 15, 2012
Why Toronto's Paint hasn't broken through to a wider audience is a complete mystery and their top notch set at Rancho Relaxo proved why. Singer Robb Johannes played like was at a venue twice its size.
- Andrew Horan, North by East West, June 16, 2012 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Maxwell's Music House, Waterloo, March 28, 2012
Paint is well-tuned...with the precision of a mature and seasond band... the future is all theirs for the taking.
- Craig Dubecki, Velvet Rope Magazine, April 2012 (read full text)

Paint @ The Merchant Tap House, Kingston, April 6, 2012
Right from their first song I just went holy f*ck why didn't (Robb put down the guitar) a couple years back, Robb's live performance throughout the first song made their songs explode in comparison (the the previous lineup). He looked so natural on stage from his opening note (and) it didn't take Robb anytime at all to pretty much take full control of the audience and the stage. I have never seen him so alive before than what I saw tonight... he gave each member their own solos in a couple of songs also nearing the last song he even took a seat at the back of the stage and let Nathan show the remaining audience what he had still had left in the tank.
- Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews, April 10, 2012 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Painted Lady, Toronto (CMW), March 21, 2012
Led by Robb Johannesí pretty vocals, the overhauled band played a set from their latest release Where We Are Today, intro-ing with a cover of Pulp's "Common People." Intensely dynamic frontman Johannes worked the crowd and had the early arrivers quickly clapping along. Juxtaposed with their powerpop hooks, there is a darker edge to many of their songs, including the slow and sorrowful "A Gentle Art," which is about slaughtering someone's heart, and "Home," which captures the feeling of a band constantly on tour. It's the live performance of these that adds a greater depth to the band and breaks them out of the mold of being just another pretty pop band. They ended with a slowed down version of Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" that was mesmerizing and quite lovely.
- Chiara DiAngelo, Buying Shots for Bands, March 28, 2012 (read full text)

Paint @ The Merchant Tap House, Kingston, September 24, 2011
I started to follow (Paint) a couple of years ago after they released their album Can You Hear Me?. Paint played songs from both albums which is pretty much a must... a couple of their songs have become staples in their set and I don't think the set would be the same without them... Robb comes out over top with pristine vocals throughout the night.
- Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews, September 30, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Hideout, Toronto, September 9, 2011
Making a stop in their hometown, the band played to a packed house at the Hideout right here in Toronto... The bandís sound is artfully crafted, with elements of nineties brit pop, but with an unmistakable essence of Canadian rock spirit... Dunbar danced across the stage while coaxing edgey riffs from her guitar, tossing her hair with a broad smile that was contagious. Johannes can pose and thrash with the best of them... Intelligent people making incredible music, Paint will surely be making headlines in the music scene, sharing their thoughtful lyrics and addictive tunes with fans for a long time to come.
- Nadia Elkharadly, The Examiner, September 12, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Silver Dollar, Toronto, May 12, 2011
The harmonies alongside pop hooks really drive the sound, balanced with an indie rock edge... (Paint) delivered their pop rock sound with enthusiasm and skill.
- Rachel Gordon, Buying Shots For Bands, May 23, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Silver Dollar, Toronto, May 12, 2011
Paint tore up the stage... An energetic set by Paint proved that this band is more talented than their opening position implies. Managing to balance pop hooks and indie melodies with a harsh, grungy edge, this four-piece put on an awesome performance that merited more of an audience. Not that it seemed to matter to the band, who played a relentlessly tight set that -- and it doesn't hurt that they ended with a guitar solo. I'm making a point of seeing them again.
- Dave Robson, The Take Media, May 20, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Drake (opening for Revolver), Toronto, March 3, 2011
With self-assuredness Paint ploughed through their setlist with a go-for-broke attitude... All directions lead "Home" during which Robb the man in black for the night mimicked another tall lanky dude who looked good in black at Massey Hall once upon a time in the guise of Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and delivering a sing song chorus of "Common People"... The room was filled with Paintís towering anthems and keening guitars.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, March 7, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ C'est What?, Toronto, February 15, 2011
Once again the walls of Cíest What tumbled down as the room reverberated with Paintís ebullient sound and spirited delivery, searing guitars scissoring into the consciousness. Paintís music can be an exclamation point to the world. But in its quietest moments it is introspective and haunting... Can Paint be the next U2? Their songs are more than catchy enough, the melodies are direct, their dedication to the music and the sacrifices they make to go tour and play anywhere there is a stage, scousing through fests and showcases, they have an endearing ingenuousness about them, talking amongst the strangers after the show so that the new fans donít remain strangers anymore, well-attuned to their radio friendly audience and an awareness of the antecedent scene and the legacy they inherit.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, February 21, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ C'est What?, Toronto, February 8, 2011
Paint have an exceptional sense of the pop and the (new) wave steeped in the root of the hallowed order of Factory (Records) made music and Manchester, even before Madchester took hold.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, February 14, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ C'est What?, Toronto, February 1, 2011
Parading through a setlist of about ten songs, they went through songs of the past and three new ones amongst many that were written over a Christmas break to be broken in before heading to the studio... the whole night proved worth the trek for the sound of Paint was as ebullient and chimey as ever with ringing guitar and harmonies and vocals hallmarking their Edge-inflected sound.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, February 3, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Horseshoe, Toronto, January 20, 2011
The Joys's good friends Paint stepped up to the stage and proved themselves worthy of all the attention going around to them... catching the ear of The Edge is no small feat. So vis-a-vis Paint their music embraces independent new wavey sounds and their second song of the night ("End of the Reel") had some real Edge-y intro. Women in rock always catch my eye and ear [always a sucker for a good female guitarist or bass player-cue Veruca Salt Shirley Manson Courtney Love Luscious Jackson] so it doesn't hurt with Paint... they managed to reach out to the crowd spreading the friendship vibes with the bands on the bill.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, January 21, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ The Mansion, Kingston, September 23, 2010
I was interested in hearing how Robbs vocals were going to sound live compared to the album version. The difference between the vocals was very minuscule in comparison... (he) shared the stage with Mandy who was jumping of the drummer's platform and pretty much not standing in one spot for more than ten seconds at a time.
- Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews, September 27, 2010 (read full text and view photos)

Paint @ Velvet Underground (NXNE), June 19, 2010
Another pleasant surprise. Not only did this Toronto band (begun in Vancouver a couple years back by Catherine Wheel aficianado Robb Johannes) have cupcakes, baked by guitarist Mandy Dunbar, but Dunbar was smokin' on the band's shoegaze-y yet fiery tunes. She even shredded a flashy solo at the end.
- Shawn Conner, Guttersnipe News, June 22, 2010 (read full text and view photos)

June 20, 2010: AUX TV Day 4 Recap of North by Northeast features clips from Paint's NXNE showcase at 4:05. Watch video HERE.

May 30, 2010: A reflection piece on Mandy Dunbar's emergence and growth, as well as Paint's May 28 performance at The Rainbow in Ottawa by Becky Wesgarth (click to read full text)

Paint @ The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, May 22, 2010
The Toronto band Paint opened up the show with a great set of their own. They describe themselves as "A rock and roll band" and the description fits quite nicely. The band are playing shows in support of their album released last year titled "Can You Hear Me?" I was instantly drawn to their rich mature rock sound and energetic live performance. They'll be back in Toronto playing Pop With Brains in August. I hope to catch them again soon.
- Randall Vasquez, Live in Limbo, May 26, 2010 (read full text and view photos)

Paint, Dawntreader, Cinderpop, and The Hermit @ The Media Club, Mar. 28, 2008
Paint were supposed to go on around twelve but this world runs on rock 'n' roll time, a strange cosmic paradox where everything moves faster but nothing ever happens on time. The crowd has thinned when they take the stage and the band thanks us for "sticking around." I, for one, am very glad that I did. It's a good set and a great sound. For some reason I still can't place, they kind of remind me of The Northern Pikes. This is strange and a little bit troubling seeing as how Paint have talent and reasonable haircuts. Still, there is something in the sound that is reminiscent, perhaps, of style. I am certain, however, that any of the deserved success enjoyed by Paint will be the result of talent and good hair, not a mad rush to sign anyone with a maple leaf on their guitar case because of impending CanCon legislation.
- Baron Stuart Cameron, The Aging Rockstar Reviews, March 29, 2008


December 13, 2016: Interview with Robb Johannes on Exchange Your Minds (CHMR FM) on all things Paint. Listen HERE.

December 7, 2016: Two-part interview with Robb Johannes on Danger: Canadian Content! looking at all things Paint, politics, and art, filmed on a night off in Toronto mid-tour supporting (disPLAY) (PART 1 // PART 2).

October 12, 2016: Interview with Robb Johannes on ArtsTalk discussing the roots of art and activism, touring, songwriting, and Paint's journey from the beginning through to (disPLAY). Listen HERE.

September 22, 2016: Interview with Robb Johannes on Comedy Above the Pub discussing recovery, political activism, and (disPLAY). Listen HERE.

September 22, 2016: Interview with Kingston Music Reviews on Paint's history, live show, touring experiences, and (disPLAY). Listen HERE.

June 11, 2014: Feature interview by with Robb Johannes on Paint's journey to the present, the road ahead with the 11:11 film, Paint's ongoing reciprocal realtionship with fans, and what famous musicians he'd love to discuss songwriting with. Read HERE.

December 3, 2013: Television inteview with I On Music discussing Paint's past, presente, and future, music, and business. Includes live performance clips and archives form music videos and behind-the-scenes documentaries. Watch video HERE.

June 28, 2013: A new interview and spotlight on Paint with Hye's Musings, reflecting on Paint's live experience, plans for a new EP, and other insights. Read HERE.

May 27, 2013: Feature interview in Vol. 20 of Guitar Justce Magazine on band names, music schoolig (or lack thereof), and "Classic Rock of the Future." Read HERE.

July 27, 2012: Interview by Toronto is Awesome with Robb, covering the "She Leaves" music video, Paint's love of Toronto, and social justice in music. Read HERE.

April 8, 2012: Interview by Kingston Music Reviews with the band outside the Merchant in Kingston discussing touring, translating songs into a live setting, municipal politics, and the band's present and future. Watch video HERE.

December 19, 2011: "12 Questions" interview with Robb covering music, virtue, dogs, headstones, and more. Read HERE.

September 28, 2011: Robb and Andre were kind enough to take time out from their busy tour supporting their new album Where We Are Today and play an acoustic version of the first single "Girl In a Frame" as well as chat about life on the road, writing new albums, and why they would be the last people you'd expect to commit a bank robbery. Listen to the podcast HERE.

March 12, 2011: Before Paint's showcase at Canadian Music Week 2011, Robb and Mandy sat down with Paul McGeown from CKMS 100.3 FM (SoundFM) for an intimate and entertaining conversation about the music industry, Paint's past, present, and future, on the dawn of the band heading into the studio to work on the new record. Click HERE to read a transcript of the interview.

June 18, 2010: AUX TV Day 2 Recap of North by Northeast features intervies with Robb Johannes at 5:14. Watch video HERE.

June 12, 2010: Interview with Robb, Mandy, guitar tech Tyler Cardy and manager Rachel LaGroix, discussing music and personal growth, song-craft, touring, and fighting with the cops. Available in Coles Notes (Abridged) and Complete (Unabridged) versions, as well as video on The Official Paint YouTube Channel in two parts (PART 1 // PART 2).

May 17, 2010: The most in-depth and intimate interview to date with Robb Johannes by Kingston Music Reviews, discussing Paint's past, present, and future (click to read full text)

Dec. 2, 2009: Documentary interview with Robb on "Unsigned" on Humber Radio 96.9 FM, reflecting on Paint's evolution from its inception to the release of Can You Hear Me?, hosted by Pat Ciolek. Click HERE to read a transcript of the interview.

Oct. 19, 2009: Interview and in-studio acoustic performance by Robb and Mandy on "Live & Local" on They discuss musicians' rights to speak politically, the '90s, Backstreet Boys, dirt, and Robb's history of violence (amongst other things). Click HERE to read a transcript of the interview. You can also listen to a podcast of the entire show on

Sept. 18, 2008: Interview and in-studio performance on "Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell" on CiTR 101.9 FM with plenty of inter-band banter and discussion about the new songs, new directions, and new horizons. Click HERE to read a transcript of the interview. You can also listen to a podcast of the entire show on CiTR's website.

Sept. 16, 2008: Robb and Paula in an in-studio interview and acoustic performance on"Melodies in Mind" on CJSF 90.1 FM, including conversations about the band's songwriting aesthetics and Paula's giant penis. Click HERE to read a transcript of the interview.

(disPLAY) Album and Film Reviews and Features

A colourful feast for the senses... bombard(s) and immerse(s) audiences in a sensory experience that (is) inescapably powerful and memorable (includes interview with Robb Johannes).
- Jim Barber, Music Life Magazine, December 19, 2016 (read full text)

October 12, 2016: Interview with Robb Johannes on ArtsTalk discussing the roots of art and activism, touring, songwriting, and Paint's journey from the beginning through to (disPLAY). Listen HERE.

Bringing dynamic lighting and stage presence to complement an exciting guitar-rich sound and provocative lyrics, a combination that resonates traces of David Bowie, the 80s and Brit Pop, but that is passionately and intelligently original... Shepherdson's bubbling, urgent and mind-tingling licks are simply spectacular by anyone's measure. Johannes has a voice that complements it perfectly, by turns pleading, haunting, menacing, enticing, and declarative and always completely mesmerizing.
- Gary17, Toronto Moon, September 30, 2016 (read full text)

September 22, 2016: Interview with Robb Johannes on Comedy Above the Pub discussing recovery, political activism, and (disPLAY). Listen HERE.

September 22, 2016: Interview with Kingston Music Reviews on Paint's history, live show, touring experiences, and (disPLAY). Listen HERE.

11:11 (film) and Based on Truth and Lies (EP) Reviews and Features

Johannes sings with purpose and passion, telling real stories with a real voice. Jannetta on drums is full of energy (and) real emotion. Shepherdson's gritty guitar is the perfect sizzling complement to the mix, a driving voice that keeps the music raging along... Catchy melod(ies) with hand-clapping hooks and rhythms... It's more than just lyrics and music; it's a realisation.
- Elmaux, Thunder Row, February 17, 2016 (read full text)

(L)ooks as good as it sounds.
- William Brownridge, Toronto Film Scene, September 11, 2015

"(W)e unintentionally wrapped days at exactly 11:11. We ended up with 11 shoot days in total without planning it... the movie really just started making itself... And if people hate you, that's just as good as if people love you because at least you're getting a reaction. Being in between -- being mediocre -- is the worst thing you can be." - Interview with Robb Johannes and director R. Stephenson Price.
- Vanessa Markov, Lithium Magazine, September 8, 2015 (read full text)

"(T)he project inflated to five times the original size, but we like to think that the film needed -- or wanted? -- to become what it ultimately did." - Interview with director R. Stephenson Price and Robb Johannes
- Amber Healey, Geeks & Beats, September 4, 2015

Capsulated DVD Reviews and Features

Toronto rock outfit Paint have been releasing a music video for every song from their 2011 album Where We Are Today, and that campaign is now complete with the arrival of the clip for "Boomerang." The video for this moody, muscular rock tune plays out more like a short film rather than your average music video, as three women stage a heist in Toronto before turning on one another. One of the women then flees with her male driver while the others give chase, culminating in a showdown outside the city. It was written and directed by R. Stephenson Price and is a female-led twist on classic Hollywood heist flicks.
- Alex Hudson, Exclaim!, November 27, 2013

Where We Are Today Album Reviews and Features

Paint is a band full of fight and passion... crisp and confident... (Johannes') inspirational lyrics reflect with a nice leftist political flare... (and) are where Paint's second LP could set them apart from other bands.
- Jesse Blackman, Stylus Magazine, October 30, 2012

Finally, a few of the songs that Paint has been playing over the past couple of Kingston Shows finally find themselves on an album... Catchy indie rock guitar hooks, soft yet heavily modified pop vocals with strongly deep written lyrics all combine into an album that changes its course throughout each song never striving to settle on anything less than to captivate your attention... Robbís vocals reign supreme throughout.
- Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews, January 3, 2012

The vocals and instruments come together like a Jim Creeggan and Billy Corgan love child, powered by a Kings Of Leon aesthetic... A punk-rock bash out of drums and energized vocals.
- Jamie Nickerson, The Dalhousie Gazette, September 30, 2011

4 Stars: A cohesive collection of songs.
- Sofia Hashi, The Fulcrum, September 28, 2011

Not Your Typical Rock 'n' Roll Band
The result of this easygoing relationship between band members and producer is evident -- just listen to the record.
- Jessica Willms, The Fulcrum, September 21, 2011 (read full text)

Hail Paint! A Celebration of Where We Are Today in Toronto
An astonishing set... With a swagger and a ton of verve... this night was theirs and they knew it... Paint have a penchant for effusive pop, catchy tunes and crafty words that evoke picturesque imagery.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, September 21, 2011 (read full text and view photos)

An exciting blend of catchy pop rock and stellar lyrics. Paintís informative blog covers a whole host of far-ranging topics... This album follows a similar pattern by addressing numerous social justice issues throughout the soul-satisfying 10-song compilation. Listeners will be drawn in by 'Boomerang', captivated by the musical differences and undeniable brilliance of 'Girl In A Frame' and 'If The Walls Could Talk', and left wanting so much more with 'Gastown'.
- Julia Rogers, The Argosy, September 14, 2011

Johannes sounds like he's in total control of the music, effortlessly slipping between mild exasperation to yearning to demanding -- all on just one track ("Boomerang") -- perfectly complemented by the flexible guitar work in the background. The lyrics and vocals never dwell upon one emotion or style for too long, skilfully avoiding the deadly fate of boring the listener. Start to finish, the album sounds right.
- Ryan Bromsgrove, The Gateway, September 7, 2011

"Girl in a Frame": video of the week
Visually, it's simple, it's fun and the fact that it's representative of my city and the cool/diverse people in it, makes me proud to be from Toronto... The lyrics are so romantic I'm melting into a clean pile... If the rest of the songs are as appealing as this one, (Where We Are Today) should be a good lsiten.
- The Blanket Reviewer, August 18, 2011 (read full text and watch video)

Can You Hear Me? Album Reviews and Features

Paint have these songs that have this maddening ability to stick in your head... Behind Paintís ring and chime of guitars is a rhythm and pulse that comes from the spirit of independent and imaginative rock.
- Joe Mac, Midnight Matinee, February 23, 2011

Johannes promises an energetic show... "Our live show is really just about sharing the experience of music and art and celebration and overcoming struggle and turning it into something beautiful. That's one of the goals of the band. If our live show can capture that, then I think we're onto something."
- Lindsey Rivait, The Lance (Windsor), August 31, 2010 (read full text)

An assured collection of alt-rock songs that's destined for arenas... This is an all-killer, no-filler collection of songs, making it hard to pick a highlight. Lead off "Don't Blow Me Away" is a radio-friendly track with hit written all over it... Combine this with a killer live show and you have a band on the verge of big things.
- Andrew Horan, Soundproof Magazine, May 11, 2010 (read full text)

Paint rolls out their new album with the ever abounding familiar Indie Rock/Pop sound that can be found coming out of Toronto and Montreal. The album is comprised of really well thought out lyrics which address social occurrences and problems within society, but they are so well written that you may overlook the full meaning of the lyrics.
- Matt Hartwick, Kingston Music Reviews, April 25, 2010 (read full text)

5 STARS: Wonderfully balanced rock album is hard to ignore: It's in your face, but not overpowering, melodic but still harsh, well-crafted but not over-perfected... heartbreaking yet uplifting.... an underlying sense of sonic maturity and strong lyrical insight... well-developed and layered...retain(s) the attractive simplicity of a great rock album.
- Erika Stark, Youthink, October 6, 2009 (read full text)

If Jackson Pollock was a Rock 'n' Roll band, He'd be Paint!
If you give your grandma the Can You Hear Me? album, make sure to provide ear plugs... it's exactly this rock 'n' roll sound, along with the more personal lyrics that makes Paint even more intriguing live than on record... The charismatic Robb, after drinking herbal tea and undergoing a Zen ritual (despite Paint's Pearl Jam defeat on the Hamilton charts, Robb's nerves still race before each performance), joined Mandy: the female-guitarist/singer with plenty of stage attitude... proving to the world that gender is irrelevant when it comes to rock 'n' roll and that the guitarist Nancy Wilson wasn't an exception!
- Iddie Fourka, written for Mushy Pony, September 29, 2009 (read full text)

...alt-rock relic spiritually scraping the í90s, done with so much audacity and seismic guitar crunch one canít help but strap into their time machine. With too many cautionary tales of overly self-indulgent rock disasterpieces to name during the generational epicís heyday, this Toronto quartet wisely keep the sound big, but the anthemic denouements concise. Their Hulkster clocks in at a tenable 34 minutes.
- Erik Leijon, The Montreal Mirror, August 27, 2009

Post-rock from Canada, yes Toronto-based Paint's new 8 track album Can You Hear Me? (2009) will appeal to fans of Live, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam. This is a solid album with guitar driven rock songs the '90s style, itīs nice to listen to a 34-minute long album instead of all these marathon albums with more than 1 hour of music.
- Rothnroll: The Palace of Rock, August 25, 2009

Thereís a sense of eagerness that coats the walls... four band members converge from different parts of the globe to play their first gig in Toronto as the new lineup of Paint. Their mission is simple. "We wanted to do a sort of Brit rock band thatís really loud and sonic, focused on great melodies and keeping it fairly simple," Johannes says. "We pretty much have four chords in each song... Not only are we getting kicked out of church, weíll never be able to play in America... Weíve had moments playing together where this is the best weíve been playing in any form."
- Brian Baker, The Town Crier, August 19, 2009 (read full text)